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Get organised by understanding exactly when and what commission to pay agents.

Spend less time manually calculating commissions for your agents. At any given point of time access the system to stay on top of your commissions and know exactly how much is expected and accrued. Your agents will be happy that they get paid on time and don't have to spend as much time calculating commission.

Set up simple or complex commission structures for each agency.

Remembering and calculating complex commission structures across hundreds of agents is time consuming and conducive to human error. Set up commission structures for your agents just once, and let the system automatically calculate the commissions accrued.

The system uses enrolment or payment plans to automatically calculate commissions.

Focus your effort where it matters with dashboards and reporting at your fingertips.

Instantly know your top and low performing markets. Spend more time on markets that need more attention and ensure that your agent portfolio is well diversified.

At Cohort Go, you can use our recruitment tools to encourage market diversity and incentivise your agents.

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Automatically notify your agents when commissions are approved and ready for payout.

Easily notify your agents of approved commissions with a shared link. By accessing the link, your agents will know the exact breakdown of their commissions for the given period and can download a copy of their invoices.

Easily pay out the commissions you manage.

When it comes to making commission payouts, make your life easier by paying in bulk using our international payment solution, saving you on costly FX rates and fees.

Explore outbound payments.

Integrate with your favourite finance software.

Streamline workflows across finance and administration teams, no matter where they work.

Integrate approved commission invoices directly with Xero expenses.

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How do I pay or issue fees?

Choose to pay, share or deduct fees easily on each payment.

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